coNEXTion Youth Conference

Join us for The coNEXTion Youth Conference.

My heart for conNEXTion Conference is for people of all ages mainly of the young adult and teenage group to Encounter God/people, Love God/people, and Serve God/people. I see a people making a stronger connection with God and people that they never have before to build and grow with God for His kingdom purposes.

My heart is that all churches in our surrounding community, region, and beyond will become a powerful unit in the kingdom. I see a people more dynamic and intentional in all that we do for the building of the kingdom of God.

I see a people connected to the NEXT steps that God has for them in their destiny that God has over their lives. We have a heart to see people connected to the purposes of God to begin to walk into the destiny God has ordained over our lives.

Our goal and vision for conNEXTion Conference is simple: We want to see people making conNEXTion’s with God and others to begin to walk in the purposes of God over your life. We see you engaging frequently and passionately with the local church like never before.

We are focused in on conNEXTion Conference being a place where divine intervention subsides over your life. We see breakthrough happening in places that you need breakthrough. We see God touching your life right where you are no matter the circumstance. Our goal is to make a conNEXTion with you for your future.

Dustin Creasy
Student Pastor
Covenant Fellowship


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